The Ultimate Gift Guide For Anxious Folks

Know what’s stressful? Christmas shopping. Know who’s stressed? You. Them. All of us. We are all crying on the inside when we’re in Walmart waiting in line.

I decided I wanted to save your soul and not only find you things that are perfect gifts to ask for or give to others, but that don’t require you to interact with human beings.

You can thank me later.

I provided links to Amazon for all of these items! I may make a commission if you go through my links, just so you’re in the loop!

  1. Gravity Blankets

Gravity blankets or weighted blankets are like having the luxury of feeling buried alive minus the agony of being buried alive. Like, if you could die smothered in chocolate, you’d be down, right? No? Am I doing this wrong?

According to the research, weighted blankets simulate the stimulus of being hugged or in your own cozy cave. This in turn makes you feel relaxed and secure. If you’re like me and find yourself lying awake at night, tossing and turning, wondering why you started a post about dying via live burial, this may be the perfect request for your holiday gift list!

Lots of weighted blankets are sold separately from their duvet cover (the cover is what will give you that extra fluff factor), so just an FYI!

2.  Brene Brown books

I will support Brene Brown till the day I die. Unless like, some horrible news comes out that she’s a Nazi or something. I doubt that’s the case but hi, welcome to 2018. To be clear – Brene Brown is  not a Nazi, but rather an inspirational sociologist who focuses on the research of vulnerability. How do you research vulnerability? Yeah, it’s as complicated as you’d think – and Brown’s work on the topic is not only fascinating and readable, but SO incredibly helpful. My therapist recommended Braving The Wilderness to me, which led me to Daring Greatly and then Rising Strong. I absolutely loved these books and they helped me understand some of the emotional blocks that I have and weirdly, how I interact with my family. Gross. Love it!

4.  Cozy tea

 Harney & Sons has my favorite tea - the Hot Cinnamon Spice. It tastes like Fall punched you in the throat and then, you spat out Ugg boots.
Harney & Sons has my favorite tea – the Hot Cinnamon Spice. It tastes like Fall punched you in the throat and then, you spat out Ugg boots.

Want some mental health tea? Cool, how about this brew? Tea is the perfect way to have caffeine without getting coffee-level jitters and it’s got some antioxidants or some shit you can claim to know. Tea just tastes good and is the part of any cozy aesthetic. You heard it here last, folks. The tea I linked is the shit, and the cinnamon spice specifically tastes like fall slapped you in the face and then knee’ed you in the nuts, but in a fun way.

I love how good I am at this.

4. A Damn Good Planner

Sometimes, those of us who are depressed/anxious are SO busy focusing on the things that are setting us off that we let the rest of our life go to hell in a hand basket. Example: freaking out about doing your dishes, so you keep doing your dishes, but keeping up with your ship modeling hobby? Goodbye. Paying bills on time? Cute idea.

I have used the Best Self Planner three times now. The first time I used it, I found a new job by the end of the 13 week window. The second time I used it, I lost 15 lbs. Something about this planner makes me focus on goals that I agonize over and I feel so empowered. I gave this to my mom last Christmas, and I think it’s perfect as a gift. Even if the person has a planner, this is a good goal-planner they can use as well.

I’ve left you the Amazon link, but if you also go to the Best Self Journal website, you can find some other cool planning things as well!

5. Salt lamp

I get it, salt lamps have turned into the frappuccinos of the home decor world but also fuck you, salt lamps are calming and precious as hell and yeah, a frappuccino is nice to have once in awhile, thank you.

Salt lamps are also good for light therapy and helping with SADD. The red light also helps conquer the naggy blue light that comes from electronics that actually keeps us awake at night. Ooooh, ahhhh!

6. Face/Body Wipes

Sometimes, personal hygiene comes last when you’re in a funk. Face and body wipes can help someone you love who’s unable to meet some basic cleaning tasks like showering often enough and yeah, even washing their face. Obviously, don’t hand this to them and be like “u r gross,” just include this maybe in a first-aid-kit for when a funk hits. Other fun items you can throw in: tooth paste, toilet paper, deodorant, chocolate, a puppy, $500, a plane ticket, etc.

7.  Give Them A Craft Because Idk What To Do With My Hands!

For some people, it’s baking. Others, it’s cleaning. And then, for those of us who refuse to be productive in our lives, it is crafting. Crafting allows the mind to focus on a task and shut out endless negative thought cycles. Or, it makes you pause and mull things over – a chance to cool off and really assess the sitch you’re in. Not to mention that at the end of the craft, you have something you can show off and be like, yeah, I tied a bunch of knots together for hours on end and now have a scarf. Craft kits or crafting supplies can be a cute stocking stuffer or something you even make yourself and hand out to the masses.

8. An Office Mood Lifter

Succulents, sure, but silly name plates, punching bags, and journals? Yes. Help your loved ones survive the capitalist regime and their 9 to 5 (or 8 to 6 because lol money never sleeps) with something fun to take their frustrations out on. And yes, that means you no longer have to be their emotional dumping bag! Yay!

9. A Reminder Of Awesomeness

I know I just talked about how much I enjoy crafting, but my crafts don’t usually end up in a state where I feel like I could properly gift it to someone without them thinking I was saving myself a trip to the dumpster by giving it to them.

Scrapbooks or photo albums are such a nice touch. I think it’d be really cool to give a friend or family member who is feeling down a book that focuses on why they are important, and why what they are doing is right. It can be a “look at all the cool things you’ve done, remember?” to a “look at all the people who love and support you!” and can even be a “look at all the things that your future could hold!”. It’s so easy to get stuck in your head, and having a physical item that’s not attached to the internet where you can get sucked into a two hour app cycle can be SO helpful. The great thing about these kind of scrapbooks are that they don’t need to be that fancy. The reminder does a lot of the talking for you.

At the end of the day, if you are unsure of what someone needs for Christmas because they’re having a rough time, the best thing you can do is give them something that’s thoughtful and just be there for them! The holidays can bring up not only painful memories for some people, but a lot of stressful events as well, like if you’re anxious about people’s reactions to your gifts.  It can be hard to give a present to someone who’s not in the spirit, but know that they most likely appreciate the gesture.

Happy holidays! Sorry if you don’t celebrate Christmas and this whole time period is annoying af, love it, jingle bell hell, #RedCup.

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