Easy Meals For When You’re Depressed: Painless Plates You Can Put Together Even When You’re Down


When I get depressed, I am completely useless when it comes to feeding myself properly. I get too anxious to go grocery shopping, so I end up ordering in a lot of food. And that food is, uh, not salads. Because I’m already depressed soooo why would I order a salad? Right? Hm.

Anyway, that causes a ripple effect where I start to stress while depressed. I get worried about:

  • All the money I’m spending.

  • The weight I’m gaining.

  • My inability to go grocery shopping (and that’s more a frustration than a stress).

  • How I’m depending on these meals to make me happy and, in the end, it never cures me. Like, how rude of you, burger.

As the years have gone by, and I’m now an adult with a job and a home, I’ve had to find ways to properly feed myself even when I’m depressed. I’ve put together a list of EASY and SIMPLE meals so that you can continue to be a functioning human being.


  1. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.

  2. These meals are not meant to treat your symptoms or cure you in anyway. I’m not even sure they are all SUPER healthy. The idea with this list is you eat one of these meals instead of eating chips for every one of your meals.

With all that being said, here’s my menu:



I absolutely hate the name I gave this dish, but once I thought of it, it refused to go away. It nagged me in my sleep, haunted me throughout the days. The horrendous combination of mug and omlette into mugglette could not be undone.


  • A quirky mug. If your mug is not quirky, GTFO LOSER. Jk, hope you feel better soon.

  • Eggs

  • A dash of liquid: Milk, Water, Tears of Your Enemies

  • Optional: Veggies, cheese, whatever the hell you like in your eggs.

Grab your quirky mug that you never use because it’s “hand wash” but you totally put it in the dishwasher. Each time you put in the dishwasher, a piece of you dies and you realize you are way too emotionally attached to an inanimate object.

 Delish.com thingks you should be bougie and put them in a mason jar instead. So, if you feel extra fancy, by all means, do this. The glass will burn your fucking hand off but yeah, no, love this idea. Love the aesthetic. Yasss.
Delish.com thingks you should be bougie and put them in a mason jar instead. So, if you feel extra fancy, by all means, do this. The glass will burn your fucking hand off but yeah, no, love this idea. Love the aesthetic. Yasss.

Crack 1-2 eggs into the mug. I usually aim for two. If you’re feeling super #swol, screw it, put three in there. Who cares – the eggs are giving you protein and are real food, so good for you!

Then, you’re going to add your liquid. I like to use almond milk because every time I have cow milk in my house, I guzzle it. And while milk has some cool things like vitamin D and some other stuff for bones or whatever, it also has fat and I tend to eat a shit ton of cheese, so for me, this is my compromise where I’m like, k almonds, do your thing.

That was a long paragraph to say that you can use the milk of your choice. If you have no milk, water actually works just fine. Your eggs just won’t be as creamy. And I hate that I called this Mugglette ‘creamy.’ Hm. One more time: creamy.

Thank you.

I put in just a dash of milk – like a .5 second tipping of the container so that enough pops out but when it pours onto the eggs, it doesn’t cover them all the way. Is that a description cooks use?

Once your liquid is poured, grabbed a fork and destroy those yolks. Whisk it like you mean it. If you have veggies or cheese or regrets, pour those in now and give it a stir.

Put the mug in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Make sure your eggs are cooked all the way and then just freaking eat the dang thing out of the mug.

Despite this long-ass description, total prep and cook time is three minutes.



  • A bag of frozen fruit.

  • Your hand.

  • A plate.

You go to the frozen section of the grocery store. You avoid the ice cream and instead, buy a bag of sugar-free frozen fruit. I like strawberries, so I buy that. Frozen fruit doesn’t rot as fast as the fresh fruit does that I buy and then neglect, kind of like how I neglect myself! Ha ha ha! FUN.

Fill up a little bowl or plate with the fruit and either wait for it to thaw or just eat it cold. Some therapies suggest a drastic temperature change can also help you get out of a funk or an anxiety high. Thus, you should most definitely take two handfuls of frozen fruit and shove it in your mouth.



  • A packet of oatmeal.

  • Hot water.

  • A vessel to contain your hot oat mush.

Get hot water. Get packet. Merge. Feel free to add some of your frozen fruit here as well. If you don’t have clean bowls left, you can do this in your handy-dandy mug as well!




  • Store-bought cereal.  Preferably one that isn’t 100% sugar and one that is only 85% sugar. (Fruity Pebbles vs. Special K).

  • If you like wet cereal, your liquid of choice.

  • A bowl.

  • A spoon or, if no spoons, a sassy fork.

Open box of cereal. Open plastic bag. Pick up half of the cereal that flung out when you opened the bag. Pour desired amount into bowl. Add milk of any kind. Put spoon it and bring it to your face. Repeat until finished. Optional to add fruit (bananas go well here!).



  • Frozen waffle. I get whole wheat because I’m soy healthy.

  • Peanut butter – preferably sugar-free.

  • A banana.

Plop the waffle into the toaster. Once it’s toasty-woasty, smear peanut butter onto that bad boy. Then, slice up some banana coins and place the fruit on top. If you’re not used to sugar-free peanut butter, feel free to add some honey.



This is such an easy meal that I actually forget about it a LOT. Oops.


  • Bread.

  • Meats.

  • Cheese.

  • Condiments.

  • Optional veggies.

Get bread. Get cheese. Get meats. Veggies optional. Get a condiment. Merge in any order that pleases you. Recommended that bread goes on outside, but live your best life.

While you have all this shit out, go ahead and make two or three sandwiches. This will save you the hassle of having to make meals later. Look at that you productive, depressed person!



  • A fucking can of soup.

If you were unable to clean your dishes, you can rinse out the fruit bowl you used earlier and now make it a soup bowl. Open the can of soup, preferably into the bowl. If you choose to splash it onto your counter using the blow dryer method, please seek professional help. I cannot help you.

Microwave the soup according to directions or, you know, feel it out. Save the rest of the soup for another day or your next meal (there’s no shame in repeating meals in the same day as long as IT’S NOT CHIPS).




  • A russet potato.

  • Toppings of choice: cheese, nonfat Greek yogurt, chili/beans, meats, veggies, etc.

Wash that tater. Wrap it in a paper towel blanket like a newborn. Wet the paper towel, preferably with water. Microwave for a long ass time – usually 6-8 minutes depending on your wattage. Try stabbing the potato to see if it’s ready or not.  Once cooked, open the potato and throw shit all over it. I like to use Greek yogurt as a sour cream substitute because when I smother my potato in toppings, I truly can’t taste the difference and it’s a slightly healthier option. But feel free to sour cream it up!

While your potato is sizzling in the microwave, use those minutes as a countdown clock and see how much of your kitchen you can tidy up.


I know this is pretty hypocritical of me to put since I just roasted salad in my intro, but they are easy to make and healthy (depending on what you do to it) so alas, here is a salad:


  • Buy lettuce of choice. The bagged lettuce tends to wilt fast so either shove that thing in another bag/container, or buy that fancier organic shit in the plastic container because it will last longer. Yeah, it’s more expensive, but I actually have time to eat the whole thing vs. the bags I have one salad from and then toss.

  • Choose a dressing. Ranch is yummy but also not the healthiest. But again, the point is that WE’RE EATING REAL FOOD. If you have no dressings on you because you forgot, see if you have some olive oil. Drizzle that on salad with salt and pepper.

  • Veggie add in suggestions: tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, mushrooms, corn.

Pretty simple – stick your grubby little paws into everything, throw it in a bowl, mix it up and voila – a salad. This can be a really good way to make sure you’re getting some vegetables in your system which, in turn, will give you more energy. I get very fatigued with my depression, and my burgers definitely do not do me any favors.


These meals aren’t mind blowing, I know, but when I fall into an episode, I forget that meal prep can be easy. Not every dish has to take 30+ minutes to make, and sometimes my kitchen and my energy are equally a mess.  Enjoy each victory you have with each meal you make yourself. Instagram your ugly-ass megglette. It’s a fucking win. #Megglettes.

Do you have a Depression Dish that helps you get through the day? Share below!

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