Creativity And Depression: How To Find Your Muse When You’re Deep In Your Blues

Angus Eye Tea | Creativity & Depression: How To Find Your Muse When You’re Down In Your Blues

I’m a creative person, so when I feel that source dwindle, I feel like I’ve lost part of who I am. If I can’t write, or podcast, or plan amazing Halloween costumes for my dog, then what good am I?⁠

Part of having depression as a creative is learning to work with your depression, not against it. Some people find it useful to view their depression as a separate entity from themselves; others like to see it as a part of them. Whichever view you relate with most, use that perspective to help you. For me, I like to think that my depression gives me special insight, or a different perspective, on how to approach a project. I don’t create the same way I do when I’m out of an episode–and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.⁠

In today’s episode, I share with you some ways I’ve powered through on creative projects when I’m feeling down, apathetic, lethargic…you know, depressed!

Creative Inspiration

Vibrant Visionaries: Episode 16 – Molly Bailen on Self Care for Multi-Creatives

Vibrant Visionaries is a fantastic podcast hosted by Heidi Bennett. Heidi interviews multi-creatives about their process: what works, what doesn’t, struggles, wins, etc. It’s a great insight to other artists and creatives who have gone what you’re experiencing, and a well of advice to test out for yourself!

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Liz Gilbert

Clicking the book will take you to Amazon through my affiliate link, FYI!

Big Magic is a tad cheesy for my taste, but Liz Gilbert does an excellent job describing the pain, agony, and delight of chasing your muse. Quick read and great for a dash of inspiration!

Tessa Violet – my depression + creativity

“I don’t believe you are what you make.”

Heart Of Thorns by Bree Barton

I return to this video all the time. Tessa Violet is a singer/songwriter who suffers from anxiety and depression. This video does a great job talking about how the label of “artist” or “creative” can create a life crisis if you do get depressed and can’t fulfill that title anymore.

Bee-boop, affiliate link for Amazon!

I don’t normally read fantasy books. My usual go-to’s are either grotesquely romanticized World War II novels or an action-packed FBI novel. Bree Barton’s book has been SO FUN TO READ! Having a different story than I’m used to has helped me while I write mine for NaNoWriMo.

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