The Monthly Meltdown: November 2019

In The Monthly Meltdown series, I review my previous goals, assess how I’m doing, and then set my new goals for the coming month.

OCTOBER GOALS | Time Stamp: 8:00

  1. I did not walk Fern to three new places. I kept travelling this month and didn’t have my act together. But, I did try to take her on longer walks and make sure she got quality outside time. [8:00].
  2. I’ve some what figured out buying a car? But mostly, I figured out which car I want. Looks like now is not a good time for me to make a big purchase (thanks, psychiatry!), but I’m glad that I learned that! [12:30].
  3. I know what I’m going to get everyone, but didn’t actually buy them. I love my people, but let’s be real – they’d lose my presents if I sent them this early. [14:00].

Reflection On October

I ended up changing my focus from my three original goals and I’m not mad about it. I realized that financially, I need to focus on my health. I sought out and booked my first psychiatrist appointment in October, and that’s more important than me deciding which Honda Civic I want to take through the Taco Bell Drive-Thru.

To hear more about the goals I ended up focusing on, head to the 16:00 minute mark!

November Goals | 2019

  1. To learn more about my NaNoWriMo experience, you can listen to my episode on how NaNo has helped my mental health here.
  2. I’m a hot mess and tend to have issues keeping my home clean (i.e. my Spring Cleaning episode where my friend came over and we attacked my home for five hours straight). I’ve gotten so much better at maintaining my home and want to keep it up!
  3. Between podcasting, NaNo, and my #sloblife, my posture is getting heinous. Yoga will be a great way to connect to mindfulness while also caring for my body.
  4. I have spending issues where I think Amazon can cure my depression. Time to face the music and see where I’m putting my money!

Goal Inspiration

As an ambassador for BestSelf Co, I get to share with you my favorite planner with a discount! Use code ANGUSEYETEA to get 15% off your order.

Right now, they have a super helpful gift giving guide for all the folks in your life! From writing prompt decks, to planners, to wall calendars, you can help everyone in your life get their act together! (Jk, people in your life may already have it together. This may only apply to me. LOVE YOU, FRIENDS & FAMILY!).

Some house-cleaning inspo.
My fav hippie yoga
  • I use Digit to save up for my spending sprees. It’s been so helpful to prevent me from splurging! First 30 days are free, and then it’s $5/month. For me, the cost is worth it due to how much I was spending before!
  • Clarity is another budgeting app I’m using that has been eye opening. Clarity let’s you know how much you’ve spent on Taco Bell, Walmart, gas, etc. for either the last week, month, or…year. Yikes. But, also good to know! You can also make mini-savings goals in the app, check on your credit debt, and more.

Let me know what is inspiring you this month!

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