The Monthly Meltdown: Naughty and Nice December Goals

Happy December! I hope you had a great November. Mine was filled with the following joys:

  • I won NaNoWriMo! Holy cow!
  • I got a psychiatrist. Holy cow!
  • I’m changing my medications. H-holy cow.
  • I’m catching a cold. Cow.

Needless to say, I’m ready for a new month and that coveted clean slate.

These were my goals for November:


  1. HELL YEAH, I won NaNo.
  2. My home is still full of junk, but now it’s junk in piles. Like, beautiful junk towers. So…I’ll do something with those towers this month.
  3. Lol, no.
  4. LOLOLOLOL, no.

Between new meds, crazy side effects, and NaNo, I did not have the capacity to do all four goals. I tried to take a step back this month and choose some better goals!

What are your goals for December? HOW WAS YOUR DECADE EW WHAT BUT YES.

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A weekly podcast about living with anxiety and depression.

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