How Adopting My Dog Helped My Anxiety and Depression

Hey, Heifers! Welcome to Angus Eye Tea: the podcast all about anxiety, depression, and dogs. I’m like, guys, I kind of feel crappy. I’ve been very anxious lately because I’m in a medication change and the kind of shit I have to go through for that is. Nah, it wasn’t too bad. And then just for the past week and a half, I have been rip roar and anxious. It’s, uh, like the wild West. But what panic? In fact, like the only way I know how to describe how I feel, it’s because it’s like I’m still happy. It’s Christmas time. I love Christmas. It’s very cozy. There’s fuzzy socks, blankets, which I guess actually. Okay. We’ll scrap that thought because I turn up my AC in the summer so high that I can use those things during the summer because I like to live in an eternal winter. What’s up Narnia, which it’s me. I’m not really sure how to explain how I’m feeling. Uh Oh, you know, here, I’ll try this. Let me see if this works. Getting up is hard. Depression doing chores really sucks. Anxiety maxed out my credit card. Oopsie would have a minimum of fuck. You know, I’m anxious. Anxiety, you know, I’m anxious. It makes you sweaty. Hmm. Okay. Okay. I won’t do that again. You can be sure of that. Today. I was trying to think of a topic that would kind of be easy for me to go through while I’ve just been, I don’t know, a giant sloths in my life. Everything is behind I am. I feel like I’m, uh, you know, I describe my anxiety a lot. Like, uh, swimming in the ocean and my medication usually helps me keep afloat, keep my head above water so I can work on myself. Well, instead of like floating at a canoe, like I’ve been a, I feel like I’ve been thrown overboard. I have two floaties, but there are some stones tied to my feet, so it’s like a little uncomfortable. Anyway, I was just trying to think of a topic that would be pretty easy to work on while feeling like that, you know? I was like, what do I talk about all the time? What is something I could just like gush about? And then it took me like two seconds before I realized like, Oh my dog Fern, I literally cannot stop talking about my dog. I’ve been wanting to do an episode like this for a while, but I think I felt like I had to do all these bells and whistles to talk about my little dog phone, but I don’t have to do that. I do whatever I want. Man. Did that sound competent enough? Cause I feel like my confidence is kind of at the bottom of the ocean with the sharks and the stones on my feet, except I’m still above water. So I guess I haven’t really tall or in shallow water and not realizing I could mixed metaphors. Y’all do not work. In the long run, throwing it out there. So what could I possibly say about my dog? Why is she so important to me? Why do I think pets are so helpful? If you’re anxious or depressed, everything, they’re great. The end. That’s the episode. Thanks for listening everybody. So I’ve got Fern. When I had moved into my first apartment by myself, and I was just kind of cruising for a little bit, uh, I was going through a real rough time. Y’all. Uh, I was not in a happy place. And, uh, I started listing to my favorite murder and realizing, Oh, I’m afraid of dying, uh, by the hand of an ax murderer. So I was like, you know what? I haven’t had a dog in ages. I think, wouldn’t it be fun if I had my own dog? Like this was a dream I had had since I was a little girl. And I loved dogs as a little girl. I loved all the dog movies. Balto ho don’t even get me started on Balto. I had so many stuffed animal dogs. I had Sparky the beagle chimney sweep, the black lab, dusty, the other black lab. Oh, why do I remember all of that? Anyway. That’s all to say. I was dog obsessed, but after my childhood dog passed away, and also, I mean, I was in college, love that dog so much, but I never really owned the dog because I was five when we got hers. So not like I was really doing much. It just had never occurred to me like, Oh, I could get my own dog. And even in my head when I imagined it, I just made the, I made up this rule that, Oh, you know what? I’ll get a dog when I’m 26 because I’ve decided 26 is when I’m going to have my life together and I’m 25 right now, and let me just tell you, girl that I have, we’re going to happen. Some 22 I am very actively thinking I should not get a dog that’s you’re responsible. When I tried to think of why it was irresponsible, I really didn’t get far. That’s just what I had been told by a lot of adult figures in my life. Like I don’t know if you’re ready for that responsibility. And I was like, I dunno. I mean like I really like dogs and I’m not like. I’m not going to let it die on me like I’m, I dunno, but I had forgotten that I was this little dog obsessed girl. Like I had an unleashed my freaky dog side. I don’t know what that means. I didn’t like the way I phrased that, but you get what I’m saying? So I am ignoring this desire to get a dog, and I happen to be very depressed and my sweet friends in town, we’re like, um, I don’t know what to do. Let’s go to PetSmart because we have nothing else to do, because that was how exciting my life was at that point. PetSmart was a weekend adventure. So we go to PetSmart and they keep having adoption Saturdays and looking at all the dogs. And I’m like, dogs are really great. Like, I forgot this love. I have foil lip, TN, that’s a, it’s French for dog. I’m fancy and bilingual. Well, not really. I just, I can say that. And then I can say a bull Oh, elegant. And that’s about it. So I keep going to this adoption event, even though I keep saying I’m not going to get a dog. And even wonder at some point during all of this, maybe people are right. Maybe I can’t handle a dog. I mean, at this point, I am so depressed. I am spending my days sitting in a chair, staring at my tarot cards, hoping that the hotel museum thing, which I mean, they’re from Barnes and noble. So how mystical is that? Not very. Okay. I’m just assuming a high level Terra deck comes from a spooky shop. It’s covered in dirt, and an old woman in a shawl hands it to me and says something and there’s like a weird bone on top of it, and I’ve just got to get that and I really wanted in my life, so please have that to my Christmas wishlist, everybody. Anyway, I’m, I, I’ve now, you know, succumb to self doubt, but I’m at the adoption event for, I think the third time now. And the dogs are all lined up in the back by size. So when my friends and I would walk into PetSmart, just to give you this idea, they, it’s so funny. They actually got their cats the exact same time I got Fern. They would go off to the cats to go stare at them and I would go stare at the dogs. I would eat at this point, asked to see some of them just so I can. Pet them and say hi to them cause they’re in these cages and I want them to like, you know, walk around and be happy and like getting to have a nice little dog pet sash. I was like, Oh, this is, this is nice. I miss this. I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now and it’s finally the week that I will meet for in though. I don’t know. It. So I’m going down the line and I take out this dog named Trisha, which like, I don’t know what the kind of fuck named Trisha is for a dog. I don’t know if she’s going to go talk to a manager or something, but she was actually super cute. She had that Brindle look to it. Pointy ears and yellow eyes. She kind of looked freaky, which is why I was immediately drawn to her and when I took her out, she was super chunky and super sweet, but I felt like she wouldn’t be a great apartment dog because that was another thing I wanted to make sure I got a dog that wouldn’t be too depressed if they kind of sat in an apartment for a while, like I don’t think an Australian shepherd would fit with my lifestyle. Those kinds of dogs need to like run a lot. Like . Libby outside and stuff. They want to have their minds engaged all the time like that. So I was trying to find like a sweet slumbering dog. That would be okay. Just kind of like sit in a little bit and not as hyper so love Trisha, but she wasn’t it. We go back in and again, at this point I’m not thinking, Oh, I’m going to adopt this dog. I would just in my mind go, Oh yeah, see, this is why I shouldn’t get a dog like Tricia. That’d be bad. So I move on and I see this one dog in her arms. She is just sitting like a Sphinx. Her arms are elongated, stretched out, and she’s just staring into the abyss with that look in her face. That’s like, I am trying to make myself invisible. I am not here. I am going to have an out of body experience for the sake of my own sanity. And she was so quiet. All the other dogs, they’re jumping around, they’re happy to see people. They’re barking. She’s just silent shrugging into herself. Um, so I was also instantly drawn to her. I looked at her information and I saw her name was Fern, and I was like, okay, how are you an old lady? Like, what’s going on? And she kind of looked weird, like her proportions were kind of weird. I didn’t get it. I was like, I don’t know what kind of dog you are at all a volunteer came up. I wasn’t going to pull out another dog. And a volunteer came up and was like, Hey, are you interested in Fern? And they were like, she’s really sweet. And I was like, okay, yeah, I’m a pushover at this point. So. We take for an hour and she has to kind of get gently pulled out and then she just kind of stands there. Dejectedly like she looks like the kid who didn’t get the part in the play, but they’re not going to throw a tantrum. They’re just going to internalize all their feelings and be depressed for the rest of the week. Did that hit close to home for anybody? Because not me anyway. We’re walking through the store and Fern is terrified of the sliding doors at the front of the PetSmart, but we get her through and we’re near the parking lot. We don’t get very far. She just kind of stands there and she’s leaning against the volunteer. Again, not looking at anybody has this big, like frightful frown on her face. Her eyebrows are shooting up and she just starts shaking and he was like, um. I think she’s afraid of the cars, but she was so sweet and she would let me Pat her. It was like, cause I, you know, at that point when a dog scared, you don’t know if they’re going to be snappy and it’s totally fair. Like they’re an animal. They’re going to be afraid. They’re going to want to defend themselves. But she was being super sweet. And so we actually took her around to the side of the PetSmart, which were, had more grass and stuff. Yeah. She didn’t move at all. She just kind of sat and looked around weirdly. But she’d let me Pat her. And she gave my hand the tip to this little like lick of like I acknowledge you. Get out of my face lady. No, based off of that, you would not think that I would have some kind of strong pull to this dog. Right? This dog is afraid of parked cars. This, this dog has internalized drama. Nothing’s really standing out, but I’m like, okay, whatever. Ferns foster mother happens to be there. And I’m talking to her a little bit, and I was like, you know, I’m kind of looking into a dog, you know, at this point, like, I think I’m, I’m not going to, like, I think I’m kind of lying just to figure out more about dogs, you know? I’m curious, maybe one day when I adopt a dog, you know, but I’m just asking. I’m not actually going to get to that, but seriously, I’m so about this dog. Uh, do you think she’d be okay? Like in an apartment? And she’s like, Oh my gosh, Fern is so sweet. Honestly. Like she just likes coddling. She’s very anxious. If he couldn’t tell. I think she had a really rough upbringing. She’s about two years old. When I first got her, she just sat between my couch and a table and I had to bring food to her and she just started walking out. But she has started to trust me and she’s so sweet and I was like, Oh, Oh, okay. Okay. Um, that’s cute. Okay. Um. Okay. How does that to clean? Hypothetically, like let’s say I was going to get her like, like other people are lined up right now and I’m thinking maybe if other people want to adopt Fern, I can now not adopt her because like another family would deserve her and I clearly don’t deserve anything good of my life. So she’s like, no. Honestly like, because she’s too, a lot of people don’t want older dogs. I’m like, old, older dog. She’s too, what do you mean? She’s like, she’s not a puppy. Everyone wants the puppies. And I was like, why would anyone want to like get an infant? That’s kind of shit everywhere. I mean, I love puppies. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just kind of like me and babies. Like, I’ll enjoy your baby, but I’m glad to then go home to my baby list home. That’s my hot take on puppies and cause it hates puppies. Okay. So at this point I confirmed that, for instance, chill dog, she’d be cool in an apartment and no one really wants to adopt her. That’s depressing. Uh, I watch her get pulled back into her crate and she looks so depressed next to Pepe Tricia, the crazy cheerleader dog, and I’m just staring at her. I’m like, Oh fuck. So I ask what knee? Okay, so if I did adopt her, what would I have to do? It was, it would have been like if a Jehovah witness knocked on my door and I said, yes, please tell me more. No offense to Jehovah witnesses out there, but they just got so excited and they swept me onto table. They’re like, here. Just fill out this application. I will say this, I love the rescue I got for and from, they’re called Homeward bound. They’re located in Columbia, South Carolina. They are totally foster volunteer based, and I think that really helped the dogs adjust to living in a home. And I really think it helped Fern a lot. Even when I got her and she was still super anxious. I love what they do. I felt the application and what they’re going to do is I had to put three references down. It was like a job, and they were going to call each of them, and then they said they might have to do a house visit. And I’m like, okay, well I guess I guess you need to not see that ain’t a block of cheese for dinner last night, because literally that’s where it was in my life. At 22 I would get a block of cheese. I would just end up eating it and then I’d be like, well, fuck my life. Let’s go to bed. So I felt the application and I’m like, still thinking, but I kinda really want this dog. I don’t know. It was weird. It was like I just kind of connected with her. I was like, you seem anxious. I’m anxious. Let’s do this to get a girl. I felt the application. They actually called all of my reference, and so a week later they were like, okay. You can come adopt Fern. Do you want to pick her up the Saturday? And I was like, yeah. Oh my God. Yeah, I’m going to get dog. And at that point it finally hit and I got so excited. It was like my inner dog child had just reborn and I went. Nuts. I got her so many dog beds. I got so many treats. I got a bunch of beautiful little dog toys. I was like, I don’t know if she’s going to like rope toys or chit chat or lax floppy thing. So let’s get them all. And at the exact same time, my friends have adopted two cats and we’re going to go pick up the kids. Cats and the dog on the same day and different places like it was insane. It was hilarious. I am going to pick up Fern by myself though, because my friends are moving into a different apartment, which is fine. I was just, you know, me being me, I was like give it any other adults like to come with me cause I don’t think I’m capable of. I put some towels back on the back of my seat in my car and I’ve left a little bully stick for Fern because I feel like all dogs love bully sticks. I was like, it’s a safe bet. I just want her to like me. So I go into the pet smart and I have to pay $300 for Fern, but they only accept cash. And I forgot my checkbook because I was so terrified. It was like I was bringing a newborn. Honestly, I kind of went over, but I forgot my checkbook and I was like, I look like an idiot. Hold, please. So I walk across the parking lot to one of those standing HTMS where you’re supposed to kind of drive through in your car. So I’m just standing there. I awkwardly take out $300 in cash, walk back across the parking lot and at the table, and I just awkwardly put down this wad of cash. I felt like I was doing a drug deal, like it felt very sketchy. I thought they were judging me. They were like, I don’t know if we should actually let you take this dog home. But sure. For his foster moms there, and as I’m finalizing the paperwork, I, uh, I’m seeing little Fern, she’s on a pink leash. She thinks she’s all happy with the foster mom. And this old lady comes up and she’s like, Oh, this is such a beautiful dog. And she goes to pet her. And I was like. It was really funny. I know. I mean, it was sweet, but I loved it. The foster mom told, I was like, Oh yeah. I will say though, she is getting adopted to day, like she was like kind of smug about it, but in a cute way. It was funny. Maybe just for me, you had to be there, I guess. I don’t know. Anyway, guys, med changes. So fun. Anyway, so I’m filling out all my paperwork. I’m finally getting Fern, and it’s kind of hitting me. They like to take a photo of you with the dog and they call it happy tails. And then every Saturday they like post all the pictures of the dogs that got adopted. So I get my picture with Fern and then ferns, foster moms said goodbye to her and I, I don’t know why, but this just like has always stuck in my memory. Um. Why am I about to cry about, Oh, what God, I need to get a life outside my dog. No, I just remember that the foster mom picked up Fernie’s little paws kissed each one and said, thank you. Sweet girl. Thank you. Sweet Fern. Oh, and there’s for in the flapper hers. Sale. Anyway, she had a really sweet goodbye and it was really cute. Anyway, from freak the fuck out though, when she left because she was the only person for and trusted, so Verna me sinks to the ground and it’s like all fuck, not again, and being abandoned again. What the fuck is the shit. There’s a volunteer who has kind of been working with me throughout the process. She’s like, you could tell that she’s kind of the aggressive one over the, the foster thing, which is great. It was just, she was scary. She was a lot what I had to do before I got for, and I had to get her name tag and all that stuff in order. So I’ve got it all in from, and then I’m trying to move from, but I’m afraid to like slightly tugger because I don’t want them to think I’m instantly this horrible dog owner. Because you know, why not be socially anxious in that moment? What this woman ended up deciding to do, she picked up Fern by the arm pits and kind of dragged her through smart and then all the way through the parking lot to my car, which was 100% in the back of the parking lot. We get first into my car and then I’m sitting alone in the car with Fern and I look in the back and she is not sad on the back seat with the beautiful towel I’ve set up. She is on the ground, curled up into the tiniest ball and she just kind of looks at me and she’s like, are you, are you about to send me to the meat house? Am I about to come a burger? King’s new impossible burger? Cause there’s no way, there isn’t something awful. And. There was, I’m just saying. Anyway, she looks sad, but when I looked back and saw she was in my car and it was just me, I was like, I just had that moment of like, Oh fuck, I have a dog who let me do this. I’m not qualified. I just had all the self doubt hip. That’s kind of the day I got Fern. And I guess with all of that being said, I just kind of wanted to talk about why. I really think having a Fern personally has helped with my anxiety and depression and kind of the story of getting her for me was a really big step because it was sort of accepting that even when a lot of adults were like, it’s a lot of responsibility. Let me say this, it is a lot of responsibility. Have a dog and the sense that if you cannot manage a dog, or if you would rather not have a dog, uh, if you’re going to move and they don’t accept a dog, you’re like, eh, yeah, okay. I wouldn’t want to deal with that. You probably shouldn’t get a dog. But for me personally, when people, we’re saying that it was kind of more in the sense of just overall, they hadn’t believed in me, which was kind of annoying. I’m not going to lie. So I believed it for a while, but I don’t know. I just, that little dog girl inside of me knew that I would do anything to make sure that that dog was going to be okay. So I took a huge leap of faith, and I guess these are just kind of the things had, along with the process of taking the leap to get a dog, which not to be dramatic, which I’m never on this podcast dramatic, but it changed my life.

I’ll just go through a couple of things I wrote down about like my Imad dad, he’s Spanish man and a half. Okay. So the number one biggest thing that Fern has ever helped me with is my depression. Having a dog that you love and are obsessed with, and I mean, I’m, I don’t know if you’ve listened to this podcast before. I talk about her all the time, but I, above everything, we’ll always make sure I take care of her. So taking care of myself, not always happening, but I could not stand the thought of not taking care of her. When I get really depressed sometimes it is hard for me to take her on these longer walks or remember to bathe her like when I should, and she kind of smells like stuff like that, but I, I don’t stop taking care of her. I still feed her. I still love on her. It’s become my new definitive that keeps me going in a way where I think if I didn’t have a dog, I would just kind of crumble in all myself and just sit on my bed and not do anything. And having that. Vessel for love and having that thing love you back has been very healing in times when I am depressed and I think no one loves me, I suck. It’s like, no, my dog loves me. In fact, she’s sitting on me and licking my face until I take her out sign. I love her. But seriously like having a dog when you’re depressed has been so good. She has to go to the bathroom and I’m not going to let her shit in my house. So she gets me outside. I’m walking, and when I’m walking I tend to feel better. And I’m not saying she’s cured my depression by any means, but it’s just been so much easier to navigate that part of my life. While I’ve had a dog by my side. Speaking of that, I have to take care of myself to take care of my dog. If I let myself go in a way where I don’t even know, like if I just, if I wasn’t around, I would not be able to take care of her and I don’t ever want her to go back to a pound or a shelter or have to change families. Like. I have built up trust with her over time and because of that, I don’t want anything to happen to her. So it’s kind of this like this baseline of I could never let her do that. So I will always try to take care of myself so that I will be there for her. Probably one of the greatest things too is because Fern was so anxious when I got her and I was so depressed when I got her. I got to kind of stop thinking about my problems all the time in that way where you just become an echo chamber with yourself, like you’re like, Oh, I’m depressed and I’m angry that I’m depressed and I’m going to be depressed, that I’m angry that I’m depressed because I live by myself and I would just eat those block of cheeses and think about that. But because my dog was so anxious, she became my hobby after work I got, I had something I looked forward to when I came home and I had to walk Fern for 30 minutes. For the first six months I owned her or up to an hour because she would poop. She was afraid to poop. That is so stressful, let me tell you. But it was exciting to watch her grow and get out of her shell. Like it became my full time job in a way to work with by very anxious rescue dog. And it’s, there’s this, uh, there’s this meme actually my friend had just shared with me and I’m totally going to botch it, but basically it’s that idea of you get mom friend power. When you’re an anxious person, but let’s say your friends also anxious and they want ketchup, but they’re too afraid to do it. Suddenly you get the power to go get the catch up. But like normally you would be the friend who can’t get the catchup, if that makes sense. So I went into mom friend mode with Fern where if she was too anxious to go outside. And I went through a phase where I didn’t want to walk outside because then people would see how quote unquote big I was. I know we can get into that later. No, I went outside because I was like, no, Fern, it’s going to be okay. Like, come with me. We’ll take our time. It’s going to be okay. And I wasn’t focused on thinking what people were thinking of me when I was walking out then anymore. I was thinking like, how can I help my dog be less anxious? How can I show her the world. So having an anxious dog that also related to me and a lot of anxious ways. It was really great to see and learn how to take care of her and in a weird way how I could take that and apply it to myself. Fern is also a great conversation starter. Uh, so she helps me when I’m anxious because sometimes I go to events and I’m like, I don’t know what to do with my hands. Who am I? Ah, but if I have my dog, I can talk about my dog all day, every day. Most people tend to like dogs. If they’re approaching me and talking about it and they want to pet my dog. And then we go into the easy conversation. How old is she? What breed is she? Oh, she’s so cute. Does she like this? It’s just been really nice as a buffer for when I’m anxious and out. It’s like this nice easy way to get into conversation. And then usually I start to feel better and then I’m able to go out. So I actually. Socialize more because of my dog and also for intends to get invited to more events directly than I do. I don’t want to talk about, it’s fine. It’s fine. Probably the biggest thing of all that Vern has taught me, I’m sure I’m missing so much, but my dog taught me love and vulnerability, and this is so Moshi who I know. I really don’t like to get cheesy, but I’ll try to sum this up. I was not someone who was very affectionate. I’m a very emotionally cut off. You don’t let me your face that I was very emotionally cut off and for me, showing interest in things was really hard. It felt vulnerable. And I am re, I am rereading Brenae Brown in case you’re curious. Um, I love dairy and greatly, it’s probably one of my favorite books. I’m making myself reread it right now because I think I need it. Medicine change. One thing that she talks about Brenae Brown and her book is with vulnerability. We have this thing called foreboding joy, and it’s where we’re afraid to let ourselves be truly happy because we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. And I think for me, especially at that point in my life, my best friend had just died. I hated my job and I hated my life circumstances. So the shoe kept dropping and I didn’t really want to form deep relationships with people. I wanted to keep everything surface level. I was just trying to like get through, so I was not feeling like an emotionally open person. But getting a dog that is very loving and at that point was very needy, but I needed her to be needy. Again, cause I got to pour, I dunno, I got to put all my bullshit aside and I guy could just focus on her. But with Fern, I learned how to love my dog, which kind of related to loving other people. Because I had a lot of the foreboding joy, and even still to this day, I’m so worried. It’s like, what if she gets hit by a car? What if she gets bit by a snake? What if she runs away and I never see her again? Like I just go through all these scenarios and playing with the what ifs is not being present and I want to enjoy the time I have with my dog Fern and kind of going through that too. Because again, I think getting Fern was really timely with the death of my friend. I wasn’t really dealing with the idea that people really do die. Things happen, people leave. And so getting Fern kind of helped me build up that trust again, and the idea that the foreboding joy isn’t actually a healthy or a helpful emotion. Even though I still kind of struggle with it a lot. She has helped me so much with growing the muscle to be present or just to enjoy what I have and to not go through the doom stay outcomes because that doesn’t. That doesn’t do anything for me because they might not happen, or if they do, I can deal with it then. But morning, something that hasn’t happened is not being in the moment and enjoying the happiness that you are experiencing. Honestly, without my dog, I don’t think I’d be as open as I am now. I’ve been able to make a lot more friendships. I’ve been able to connect with a lot more people. Even on this podcast, I’m able to be a lot more vulnerable and feel comfortable with who I am to share some of my stories because I got to start by raising my dog. In short, I think pats are pretty amazing. I think they’re great to have. That was just my dog experience. I have never had a cat hamster, what have you. I will still take the intense stand that bird people are weird. Okay. But if you’re a bird person and you have something to say about it, you can email me at at and we can Duke it out. But if you think that you are too anxious to own a dog because you, you’d be too afraid of what would happen to them. I’m not a doctor, I’m not your therapist, but I think you need to give yourself a little more credit. Then you think there’s also the great opportunity just to foster a dog so you can kind of get used to seeing, Hey, what would my life be like with a dog? And then you’re helping them out and then they can find a great home and that if you feel like, okay, I can get used to this. Then you can get yourself a dog or same with cats and stuff. I absolutely have loved having Fern. I mean I got, I got a fricking tattoo of her, of her face. Cause that stuff kind of scares me. But I have a Fern leaf on my left wrist. The vein that connects to the heart and I, you know, for all my future pets, I don’t know if I’m just going to have like a pet armor or something. But for now, I guess for me, like. Fern wasn’t just, you know, Oh, it’s my dog tattoo, let me get it. But getting her was such a turning point in my life. It’s when I finally said, I’m done not really caring about myself and I will work to change that. And it has been a two and a half year process. And like you heard at the beginning of the episode, I’m working on it again and it keeps changing, but I. And so glad that I made that decision. So that’s why I have the firm tattoo. It’s just this nice reminder. Even 10 years from now, I can look back and be like, that dog changed my life. And now I’m going to cry like a little bit. No, I’m vulnerable. We can cry about dogs. It’s, thank you so much for listening to this episode of Angus T.

if you have any like really sweet dog stories or pet stories. Again, I just talked about dogs. I know there’s some cat lovers and what have you out there? How have your pets helped you with your anxiety or depression or your stressful times? I’d love to hear your stories and maybe I can compile them and share them with everybody and we can all just. Like weep out of happiness and love for our pets. If you’d like, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at Angus it and you can go to our website, www dot dot com to get the show notes of this episode as well as some extra little goodies. I tend to add every time I do an pro and a blog post. I also good at the words. Okay. I hope that you find the pet soulmate that’s met for you and that you get. Cute little Christmas socks for Christmas. Even if you don’t celebrate it somehow, it’s just going to happen to you and you’re going to get pictures of their faces on the socks and then your dog will end up eating of a socks. You might not even have a dog, but surprise you. I have a dog now. Hope you’re a dog person. That was probably the worst one I’ve ever done it, and I will talk to you next Wednesday, which I feel like is going to be a very


magical episode by half hours.

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A weekly podcast about living with anxiety and depression.

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