My Podfest Solo Adventure | Anxious Traveler

Week one of March is done and ohhhhhhhhhhhh boy, y’all. I drove 7 hours to Florida, stopping at rest areas along the way that might as well have been coronavirus cest pools. I applied hand sanitizer so much that the skin actually fell off of my hands and now I just have meat hands. It’s as uncomfortable as you would imagine.

This is my second podcast conference I have ever attended and I feel like I know my way around these here parts now. I saw my old buddies and made some great new friends and, of course, learned about so many new podcasts I can start binging!

I love gatherings like Podfest because being around so many creative people is highly inspiring. I go through waves of feeling eh about my ~craft,~ and seeing people who are doing what I’m doing and how passionate they are reminds me that, oh, yeah–I do like what I’m doing!

Also, DST/Spring Forward happened that Saturday where there was a party AND karaoke, which meant when I wrapped it up at midnight and got to my room at 12:30 a.m…it was 1:30 a.m. And I had a 9:30 panel I wanted to hit the next day. So. Yeah. Oops.

I did do karaoke, and I’m starting to think this is my new conference go-to. At She Podcasts Live, I debuted “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” by Reba McIntire. This year, I knew I had to up my game, so I brought out the wringer.

“Simply The Best” by Tina Turner, sung by Elaine Best.


I’m off to rest up and slowly work on all the great ideas I gathered from Podfest. I hope you enjoy listening to my anxious adventure!

Published by Angus Eye Tea Podcast

A weekly podcast about living with anxiety and depression.

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