The Monthly Meltdown: Home Sweet Home in April

Hey, Heifers! New month, new goals, and a new appreciation for my four walls.

We’re in a weird time and for this Monthly Meltdown, I lay out some goals that are quarantine specific. I also talk about what’s helped me so far, which I hope you can use in your daily routine, as well!

I’m also proud to say this is one of my episodes where I DON’T SING AT ALL. LIKE, NO SINGING OCCURS. CAN YOU BELIEVE??

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BestSelf Co: BestSelf has goal journals, planners, thought decks, and a ton of productivity tools that are extremely helpful for those of us who are anxious and depressed and need some motivation. Use code “HEIFERS” for 15% off your order!

I am not a health professional. I am simply someone who was diagnosed with an anxiety and depression disorder. Please talk to your friends, family, teachers, doctor, trusted human, etc. if you need help. I also have a resources page on my website that can direct you to different hotlines, therapy websites, and more at

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A weekly podcast about living with anxiety and depression.

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