Angus Eye Tea is a podcast that takes no BS when discussing day-to-day life with anxiety and depression.

Elaine is a comedic writer, cacti owner, and dog-lover. In 2016, she was officially diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression. She thought that was sorta shitty. 

Her favorite emotion is sweatpants and her favorite vegetable is double-fudge chocolate brownie ice cream. 

Elaine’s favorite panic attack she’s had involved Dunkin’ Donuts, Les Mis, and an awkward Christmas Party.

What Listeners Are Saying

Raw and Lovely
As I listened, there was this burst of love and compassion that flowed out of me for Elaine because it takes tremendous courage to share your vulnerability. At times I wondered how she managed to know my own mind so intimately. Simultaneously, it reminded me to calm my ultra critical nature as I would never give Elaine the same “tough love”. Since anxiety, depression, and mental illness are at the core of this podcast, please approach with caution. Those who listen will find a wonderful addition to their queue.

-Happily Ever Aftermath Podcast

Udderly Entertaining!
I always appreciate a podcast that can tackle serious topics yet not take itself too seriously, and Angus Eye Tea does just that. Elaine is a candid, honest, funny, relatable, and all-around awesome host—one of those people you’d love to grab coffee with. Also, major kudos for making a (mostly) solo-host podcast feel like a lively conversation. Angus Eye Tea does a great job of imparting good feelings and good advice, which is especially helpful on those not-so-good days. Love it!

– Meg, Indoorswomen & Pod Appetit

Hey Heifers, Support this podcast!
Most cherished review reader, soon to be Angus Eye Tea listener, life can be heavy right? You know what’s super helpful when you are wanting to close the blinds and ignore the world? Listening to this very podcast.

As did I, you will find yourself constantly craving another serving of these weekly delicious life slices! Elaine is so refreshingly delightful and real it helps me get through my never ending qualms. And that’s ok because we’re all trying to figure this out together.

Need more enticing? There’s goal setting, promise of a musical episode and super doggo adventures! Subscribe and listen now!

– For Your Reference Podcast

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