Breaking Down My Breakdowns: I Created a Hall of Fame for My Panic Attacks

I’ve been having a lot of panic attacks lately. Usually, I can keep them spaced apart by reassessing what I’m doing in my life: am I working out? Getting enough sleep? Eating things other than Chipotle? In fact, for the longest time I just called these bursts “feeling anxious” as opposed to an attack. IContinue reading “Breaking Down My Breakdowns: I Created a Hall of Fame for My Panic Attacks”

The ‘Rona Rut: Creative Pressure, Self-Reflection, and the Future

The ‘Rona Rut: the phenomenon where you decide to start 10 projects at once because you have “tons of free time” during quarantine, only to discover around week five that you are nowhere near accomplishing any of your 10 projects and decide you are a complete failure and eat tubs of ice cream in theContinue reading “The ‘Rona Rut: Creative Pressure, Self-Reflection, and the Future”

Guided Meditation: A Trashy Friday Night

Do you miss going out on Friday nights? As someone who just started enjoying going out, I have to say I miss the shenanigans of a Friday night that goes off the rails. The kind where you think you’ll only go to one bar and then somehow it’s midnight and your screaming karaoke in aContinue reading “Guided Meditation: A Trashy Friday Night”

Tips and Tricks on Making Friends as an Adult Ft. Author/Therapist Hope Kelaher

Hey, Heifers! Finding new friends as an adult is hard. Where do you find these humans? How do you ensnare them into being friends with you? How do you handle toxic friendships? How do you break up with friends? What if someone friend-breaks-up with YOU? Hope Kelaher, therapist and author of Here to Make Friends:Continue reading “Tips and Tricks on Making Friends as an Adult Ft. Author/Therapist Hope Kelaher”

The Monthly Meltdown: Home Sweet Home in April

Hey, Heifers! New month, new goals, and a new appreciation for my four walls. We’re in a weird time and for this Monthly Meltdown, I lay out some goals that are quarantine specific. I also talk about what’s helped me so far, which I hope you can use in your daily routine, as well! I’mContinue reading “The Monthly Meltdown: Home Sweet Home in April”

When The World Is On Fire, Can We Turn to The Stars? Ft. Astrologer Crystal Warren

Hey, Heifers! The world is chaotic right now, so I thought it would be refreshing to focus our gaze on the skies instead.Astrologer Crystal Warren and I have a chat about what astrology is, does it have scientific backing, why it’s important, and a whole lot more. Here’s where you can find Crystal: @insightfullycrystalContinue reading “When The World Is On Fire, Can We Turn to The Stars? Ft. Astrologer Crystal Warren”

What Happens When You Ignore Self-Love?

Ft. Dr. Shainna, author of The Self-Love Workbook In this episode, I am excited to have such an amazing guest, Dr. Shainna Ali! Shainna authored The Self-Love Workbook which I have found incredibly helpful. The book contains a series of exercises that act as a toolkit to help with personal growth and saying, “Um, kContinue reading “What Happens When You Ignore Self-Love?”

My Podfest Solo Adventure | Anxious Traveler

Week one of March is done and ohhhhhhhhhhhh boy, y’all. I drove 7 hours to Florida, stopping at rest areas along the way that might as well have been coronavirus cest pools. I applied hand sanitizer so much that the skin actually fell off of my hands and now I just have meat hands. It’sContinue reading “My Podfest Solo Adventure | Anxious Traveler”

Have Mercy, March | The Monthly Meltdown

March’s mantra may need to be “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” I’m set to go to a conference last minute, I have my first interview on the day before I head out, I’m stressed at work, my personal life is a firestorm, and I’m feeling VERY dramatic! Monthly goals keep me in check during allContinue reading “Have Mercy, March | The Monthly Meltdown”

I Read My Dog’s Tarot Because I’m Tired | Hipster Witch

Hey, Heifers! I’m fatigued from a stressful month and a very stressful weekend, so I decided it was time to whip out the Hipster Witch nonsense we love here on Angus Eye Tea to give my brain a break. I let you vote on what I would tarot about and y’all chose my dog’s future.Continue reading “I Read My Dog’s Tarot Because I’m Tired | Hipster Witch”