What Happens When You Can’t Give Your All?

I’ve been having a TIME, y’all. This past week, I got really frustrated at myself for falling behind. I felt like I was performing at my best which led to my perfectionist volcano to erupt and destroy everything in it’s path. Sometimes, you’re not going to be able to go above and beyond, or evenContinue reading “What Happens When You Can’t Give Your All?”

Does Self-Love Have Meaning Anymore?: My Quest For Inner Peace

Self-Love (or lack thereof) Reflections of 2019 2019 I spent my days loathing myself in different ways.  I didn’t like my body I was mad every time I was anxious or depressed I was mad I wasn’t working out, but kept complaining about it I was mad I wasn’t writing. I was mad I didn’tContinue reading “Does Self-Love Have Meaning Anymore?: My Quest For Inner Peace”

The Monthly Meltdown: Leap into February

The Monthly Meltdown is a series where I review my previous month’s goals, assess what did and did not work, and then plan out what I hope to accomplish in the oncoming month. The main focus is on bettering my mental health and hopefully inspiring you! Download your February Goals sheet here: http://www.anguseyetea.com/ The plannerContinue reading “The Monthly Meltdown: Leap into February”

The Fear of Success: Are You Sabotaging Yourself?

Go where you feel most alive. -Unknown As a recovering public school system perfectionist, I find myself focusing on all the ways things could go wrong constantly. Usually, I take this to be my fear of failure. I don’t want to be embarrassed or shamed or vulnerable. But as the years have gone by, I’veContinue reading “The Fear of Success: Are You Sabotaging Yourself?”

Why I Didn’t Settle On My Medication

Recently, I’ve talked on the podcast about my medication change. I’ve been going through this process since November, so about three months! It’s been hard with some delightful side effects, but I can’t emphasize how much better I feel because of the changes I have made. The reason I sought help wasn’t due to anContinue reading “Why I Didn’t Settle On My Medication”

How to “Come Out” With a Mental Health Disorder

Hey, Heifers! Do you feel pressured to tell people about your mental health disorder? Do you wish you could open up about it with your family/friends, but aren’t sure how? Are you worried about what people might think? Hi, I’m a podcast host and now I’m an infomercialist! Jk, but I’ve gone through this experienceContinue reading “How to “Come Out” With a Mental Health Disorder”

The Monthly Meltdown: A Legendary January

Happy January, Heifers! Welcome to The Monthly Meltdown: the series where I review my goals for each month and see how much I failed! Make sure to download the Angus Eye Tea goal template! Follow us on Insta and Twitter @AngusEyeTea. *** Wanna support the podcast? Check out our partners below! BestSelf Co – TheyContinue reading “The Monthly Meltdown: A Legendary January”

Please Be Kind, 2020: New Years Revelations

Email: anguseyetea@gmail.com Follow us on Insta and Twitter @AngusEyeTea. *** Wanna support the podcast? Check out our partners below! BestSelf Co – They have a planner I’ve used for two years, along with a TON of cool productivity tools, so I asked to join their ambassador program! Use code ANGUSEYETEA for 15% off your order.Continue reading “Please Be Kind, 2020: New Years Revelations”

A Very Anxious Christmas

When Host Elaine Best catches a case of the bah-humbugs, a ghostly form of her friend, Kameron (ft. in ep “Dating Anxiety” and “Superstitions) takes her on a journey to Christmas Podst in the hopes of turning around Elaine’s pessimistic view of the holidays.  Follow Angus Eye Tea on all socials @AngusEyeTea http://www.anguseyetea.com Chat withContinue reading “A Very Anxious Christmas”